Career Fair Connections!

Welcome back to fall, Xavier! Think the Career Development Office was just going to leaf you alone? Let you blow in the wind? Get red in the face? Orange you glad to hear from us?!

I’m corny.

Well Xavier, with the return of fall comes a very important date. No, I’m not talking about ABC Family’s Monday October 19 showing of Hocus Pocus (You’re welcome.) The changing of the season brings with it the Fall Career Fair! The fair will be happening September 22 from 3 – 6 PM, and regardless of your major, you should definitely go!

I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not a business major.” “There’s no job for me there.” “I don’t want to put pants on.” Listen, I get it. The thing is, though, regardless of your major, year, or aversion to slacks, the Career Fair has a lot of opportunity. It gives you the chance to look at varying companies and practice your elevator pitch. It gives you a lot of interview practice, and lets you start to experience the professional world. Most importantly, it helps you think about your future. It lets you look at job titles or businesses and really consider where you want to be after graduation. You might not realize this, but what’s just as important as deciding what career you want, is deciding where you want to experience that career.

So, when you go attend the Career Fair, here are some tips to help you prepare.

Bring some resumes, don’t make them rare.

 Get dressed up and comb your hair. Research the companies, don’t go in there bare.

 Make sure you sound interested and show you care!

Did I mention I’m corny?

But seriously, make sure you print out several resumes, and bring them in a portfolio or folder with some extra paper to write notes on. Act professional, and research the companies ahead of time. A good way to do this is downloading the Hire-A-Muskie app. Just search ‘Careers by Symplicity’ in the app store. This allows you to mark your top ten employers to get noticed. Most importantly, make contacts! Just because you might be English, Advertising, Communications, or any other flock of majors that aren’t Business related, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to those companies. Over 50 of the industries attending are looking for applicants from any major. Businesses need a lot of employees, all with different skills and descriptions. Just because one of the companies at the fair isn’t hiring your position, doesn’t mean you can’t go up and introduce yourself and talk with them. Exchange information, connect on LinkedIn, tell them what you want to do and where you want to be. Jobs are always coming up and changing, and having a friend in the company is a huge advantage.

Put yourself out there, meet new contacts, and prepare yourself for the future. Check out all the available Career Fair prep events, to help put you in the best position possible going in there. And if you have any questions on September 22, I’ll be at the Career Fair too.

I’ll be the one not wearing pants.

Happy hunting!

Redmond Millerick


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