Thanksgiving Break: Not Just for Sleeping and Eating

November has arrived!  As fall slowly bleeds into winter and the semester drags on, we pray for the chance to return home, go back to our childhood bedroom, and sleep the break away. That is, of course, until Thursday, November 26. That infamous day, where the only things we are served are questions like,

“How’s school?”

“What’s your major?”

“What can you do with that?”

“What do you want to do with your life?”

You’re stuck fending off questions, fake smiling and overusing the phrase “Mhmmm” as everyone bombards you with advice, meanwhile your high school siblings are on their third helping of turkey and now the stuffing is gone.

This year, don’t go into Thanksgiving unprepared.  Get your arsenal ready, and flip the switch on those pesky relatives. Look at them as sources of wisdom and inspiration, and make THEM answer YOUR questions. After all, they seem to have it all figured out, right? Instead of being forced to answer repetitive, unproductive questions, have them answer questions about their careers and work life. (That way you can eat while THEY talk!)

Ask questions that would genuinely help you on your search for a major, internship, or career. Questions like:

  • How did you get into your career/job?
  • Would you recommend getting into this field?
  • Are your individual passions/interests involved with your work?
  • What is your typical day like?
  • What are the steps necessary to get into this type of work?

As you talk, you’ll be surprised to see how other people’s experiences can shape the way you look at your own passions, interests, and career goals. (Plus, your relatives will be too busy answering your questions to notice you took the last piece of pumpkin pie.)

Have a great break, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Redmond Millerick


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