Finding an Internship: The Eternal Struggle

Welcome back Xavier! Hopefully winter break found you on the couch; binge watching shows to your heart’s content. Now we’re back at school, and for fear of echoing your mother, I have to ask…


Have you started searching for an internship yet?


Now I know it’s a difficult question to hear. A sense of anxiety and panic are felt at the mere mention of the word. All the effort and work put into searching, applying, and getting rejected takes a toll. Then begins the endless cycle of chocolate and tears, forever swirling and turning, and it becomes so intermixed you begin to wonder if you’re eating tears and crying chocolate until… Oh, no? Just me? This is awkward…


Well, worry not, my chocolate covered friends. Here at Xavier, we have the tools and advice to land that coveted internship.


The first thing to do? Start documenting your experience! That job as a cashier you had in high school? Document it. That time you became treasurer of your favorite club? Document it. That time you finished the Burrito Challenge in less than 20 minutes? Document it! It probably won’t make it on to your resume, but hey that was impressive, and you should be proud of yourself. The point is, record your experiences and successes, and start to formulate a resume. Not sure where to start? Schedule a meeting with one of the Career Development Office Career Coaches, and they can help turn that list into something that will dazzle employers.


As you wrap up that resume, it’s time to start looking for opportunities. You can explore a company’s website, searching its career page for internships. Or check out LinkedIn, where you can input the specifications of your interest, and search for prospective employment. There are also Career Fairs, networking, and other online resources that can be used to find the perfect internship for you. One of your most useful tools, however? Exploring Hire-A-Muskie, Xavier’s job board. Here companies put up internships, in the hopes that Xavier University students see them and apply. It’s a great chance to utilize the power the name “Xavier University” holds. Plus, it has all the jobs on one website, eliminating hours of searching and leaving more time for naps.


A final piece of advice? Get moving! As our Assistant Director, Darian Richardson, says, “None of these strategies work without taking the initiative, so give it a try! When you put forth the effort, you’ll be that much closer to landing your perfect internship.”


Searching for an internship can be tough, but with this advice, you’ll be moving in the right direction. Keep up the morale, and good luck!


-Redmond Millerick



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