The Spring Career Fair: A Chance to Succeed

You sit there at your computer, with notes, resumes, and coffee cups stacked all around you. You begin feeling lost, drowning in the searches and open tabs, trying endlessly to find a company willing to hire you. Just as you’re about to submit to defeat, you see it. A lifeline, dangling in front of you. You reach for it, grasping at it, letting it pull you up for air. It’s, it’s, it’s…. THE SPRING CAREER FAIR!

Yes, it’s Career Fair season again. The Fair will occur on February 23, from 2 -5 p.m., giving you a chance to step out of your dorm room, apartment, or parent’s basement in hopes of achieving employment. You might have the resume, the dress clothes, and that winning smile that cost you two years of awkward brace-face, but are you sure you have everything you need?

Hair combed?

Teeth brushed?

Hire-A-Muskie app?

No, I’m not talking about the one on the computer. The one you can download onto your phone, the one that has a map of the employers? Oh, you DON’T have that? Woof.

With all the excitement of the upcoming Career Fair, don’t miss out on a few extra tools that will make you stand out and succeed a little more confidently.


Hire-a-Muskie App

With the Spring Career Fair, the Career Development Office is making it even easier to get in touch with the right employers. I’m sure you know about Hire-A-Muskie, the online job board that lets students find job postings by employers within the area. Did you know it’s now downloadable onto your phone? By simply typing “Careers by Symplicity” into the app store, you can install a handheld version of the online site. You can look at the employers attending the Fair, and research the company, job types, majors they desire, and more! With the “Top Ten” feature in the app, you can send your resumes directly to the employers before the Fair even starts. Just make sure to update your account’s “default” resume to the latest edition. The map on the site gives you a table layout of the Fair, highlighting your Top Ten choices, making it that much easier to find the company that’s right for you!

Diversity Reception

The Diversity Reception is the perfect way to meet employers before the Career Fair! It takes place 5:30-7:30 p.m. on February 16 in the Cintas Center. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’m not “diverse” enough. The word “diversity” has a broad spectrum, and this meet-and-greet is all about inclusion. No matter your race, age, or gender, everyone has something unique to bring to the table, and these employers want to hear about it! For more information, check out the Student FAQ.

Career Coaching and Resume Reviews

As the Career Fair is approaching, make sure your resume is lookin’ good! The Career Development Office will continue to provide support, assisting in answering any questions you may have about resumes, elevator pitches, or finding the job that’s right for you. We have daily walk-in hours, or make an appointment with us!


With the Career Fair just around the corner, make sure to use these tools to your advantage. The more prepared you are, the more likely you’ll land that positon, the more likely you’ll make money, and the more likely you’ll be able to order pizza for once, instead of having to eat canned soup for a week.

Good Luck!

-Redmond Millerick



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