The March Towards the End: Finding the Right Job for the Summer

Throw away the sunscreen, wash those sandy towels, and put the books back in those backpacks, because Spring Break is over. Not to worry, though! Easter Break is right around the corner, and right around the corner from that? Summer. We’re in the home stretch, and school is finally approaching the end.

For some of you, it’s off to internships and jobs, ready to start a new adventure. For others, you’re still in that difficult stage – the waiting period. Waiting for our chance to prove how valuable we are, and get some real-world experience. Stay hopeful! You’ll find opportunity soon enough. Just remember to keep utilizing job boards, like Hire-A-Muskie, to find something that fits you just right. Looking to expand to even farther cities? Use our Reciprocity Program! This offers students opportunities to use other job boards from different colleges, allowing them to apply to job postings for recent graduates.

While our sights might be set on summer, there’s still a few months left of class. As we continue to trudge along, there are events all around us ready to get us to the next step. One of these events?

The Education Career Fair!

Interested in working in a school setting?  The Southwest Ohio/Northern Kentucky Education Career Fair isn’t just for Education majors anymore!  Currently there are a number of opportunities for counseling, occupational therapy, and psychology majors, with more expected in the coming weeks.  Check the list of registered employers for details.

Happening on April 12 in the Cintas Center, we have schools recruiting from all over the country including Alaska, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Michigan, Kansas, Virginia, and the tri-state area.  Whether you want to stay local or are interested in relocating, there will be great opportunities at the Education Career Fair.

  • Recruiters from various districts will be there with employment opportunities.
  • Network, discuss, and learn about the hiring needs of these schools.
  • 600 interviews will take place during the Education Career Fair, with about 2-3 interviews PER candidate! What a time to be alive. Check out these candidate eTips for ways to improve your interview.

This is a huge opportunity to interview for different positions across a multitude of schools. It will give you the chance to meet new contacts, learn about new areas, and maybe even score a job!

Still unsure, or have some questions? Check out


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