Graduate Students: A League of Their Own

Graduate school is a way to test your potential. Here you are, some of you recent undergrads, practically walking from the stage at graduation into your first day of classes. It’s a natural step, continuing the education to which you are accustomed. Some of you are more removed from college, taking a few years off to start a career or a family. Whatever the reason, you are now in the delicate act of balancing a job, class, and social life, all while picking away at your degree. It will be tough, and it may take longer than expected. The truth is, no matter what the situation, learning to deal with the stress and finding ways to relieve it are crucial to maintaining your sanity and keeping on the path to success.


How is this done? It’s all about keeping a level head and recognizing what you have to offer.

You’re Not Perfect

Listen, school is difficult. So is life. Combining them together just makes your world crazy and frustrating. That’s ok, though. You’re human. Try as hard as you can, researching and studying new material, but ultimately, don’t hold yourself to impossible standards. Work on projects that interest you and make you think, and go from there. As long as you are putting in some effort, things will start to fall into place.
Sometimes, You Have To Be an Adult

Undergrad has a different mentality than graduate school. It is a time to grow up, learn about what interests you, and carry that into the world. Undergrads are allowed to be naïve. Graduate students? Yeah not so much. Even if you just graduated with your undergrad just a few months ago, now is when you have to step up your game. People perceive you differently. They look at you as more educated, more focused, more scholarly. Unfortunately, now you have to act that way. You have to go to professors with questions or concerns; they won’t come to you. You are in charge of your schooling now, and for better or worse, it’s time you take control of it. Need help? The Career Development Office provides services, career appointments, and walk-in hours that can assist you in finding a more focused path, developing professional style, and strengthening networking skills and job search documents.

Find an Outlet

And no, I’m not talking about the kind you plug your phone charger into. The balance of life is going to be a little more challenging this time around. More research and schooling, writing and developing, all while dealing with a million other things. Learn to combat this, before it turns into stress and anxiety. Read a book, binge Netflix, or just remember to go out on the weekends. You’re no good to yourself if all you do is eat, sleep, and breathe school. No matter how much you may think so, school is not the center of the world. Take time to enjoy life. In 10 years, you may not remember that test, but you’ll remember the memories you’ve made in the real world.


-Redmond Millerick

Marketing and Communications Intern



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