Three Steps Forward

Three Steps Forward

Written by Emily Linginfelter, Marketing and Communications Intern

Autumn has officially arrived in Cincinnati. As the foliage begins to crunch under your feet and that person from third row PHIL 392 sips ANOTHER pumpkin spice latte during class, you may be sitting back and wondering about the upcoming festivities. Between the apple orchards and hay wagon rides, another fall event should be included in your calendars: The Graduate School and Year-of-Service Fair on October 25. After all, while you’re thinking about who you want to be during Halloween, why not also consider who you will be in the future? Planning for a career doesn’t have to be scary, though. Consider these great options as you prepare for the fair:

I. Graduate School

For those who have an itch for lifetime learning, graduate school may be the right path for you! Some occupations require a graduate degree for eligibility to work in the field. This is an environment where you truly see the depth of ongoing, academic conversations; your work directly fits into the context of other researchers’ theories and ideas. It also strengthens critical thinking. Creative solutions to particular field imbalances stem from the exercises and knowledge you’ll attain through graduate studies. Education beyond the undergraduate level may be mentally and emotionally rigorous, but the outcomes may have the capabilities of increasing job competitiveness, salary and positioning within a company. Consider visiting the 39 registered graduate programs at our Xavier Graduate School and Year-of-Service Fair.

II. Fellowships

Fellowships tend to have academic connotations, but they also encompass the competitive grants, scholarships and other funding sources for individuals seeking graduate studies, research, career advancements or teaching opportunities. Many people choose this option if they undergo a career transition or take a gap year between their undergraduate and graduate work. This provides time to further investigate interests, participate in independent projects or receive funding for graduate or doctoral study. Above all, fellowships can open the doors to opportunities that are typically unavailable to beginners in the workforce, and as such, one may have the chance to build relationships with influential people while also enjoying the benefits of launching a self-proposed project. Further information about domestic and international fellowships can be found online.

III. Year-of-Service

Postgraduate services offer funds to those interested in the nonprofit sector of business. Individuals accepted into a program partner with hundreds of agencies around the world, and their professional interests become tailored to assist communities in need. Forms of service include community organization and development, education, employment, food and hunger, addiction recovery, youth services, immigration and refugee advocacy, health care services, women’s issues, social services, legal services and sustainability services. Participants develop highly valued skills such as holistic awareness, broadened vernacular and experiential learning through social justice. More information about a year-of-service is available through the 37 organizations attending the Xavier Graduate School and Year-of-Service Fair.

Good luck throughout your preparation for the next career step!


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