Six Sharp Methods to Standing Out  (In the Best Way!)

Six Sharp Methods to Standing Out (In the Best Way!)

Written by Emily Linginfelter, Communications and Marketing Intern

CINTAS CENTER (Feb. 21, 2:00 p.m.) – Xavier police investigated complaints about frantic career fair students flocking near banquet room corners and charting their social interactions. The matter was turned over to the Career Development Office.


This situation could have been avoided if these anxious students arrived with a plan. At the check-in station, you may look to your left and see a tall and handsome student who is suited up with a perfect crooked smile and think, “I’ll never get to that suave, George Clooney-level of charisma!”

Think again, ace. We’re here to give you the inside scoop with six savvy methods to enter the Spring Career Fair with an extra zing to your intros and handshakes. No personality changes necessary!


  • Update your resume and business materials. This should be on the top of your priority list this week. Consider attending the Career Chats: Resumes workshop in CLC 518 from 12:30 – 1 p.m. on Monday, February 13. RSVP through Hire-A-Muskie. During the session, please bring a rough draft of your resume, a laptop for edits and any questions.
  • Practice introductions. Exercise your career fair 30-second elevator speech with an employer or career coach during our Employer Drop In hours.
  • Gather all of your materials. Most importantly, prepare, prepare, prepare! The key to feeling confident is anticipating any possible crises before they happen. Here is a quick career fair packing list:
    • Two professional outfits- Assume a spill might ruin your first choice!
    • Your Xavier All Card- This is necessary for the check-in station.
    • Enough copies of your updated resume (plus a few extras) in a professional folder to distribute to desired employers.
    • List of 10 employer questions. Click here for inspiration
    • Have a map of the event by downloading the Hire-A-Muskie app on your smartphone. This can found by searching “Careers by Symplicity” in the app store. In addition to a booth layout, users can access a list of employers attending the fair, information about the companies, job categories, employers’ desired majors and more!
    • Last minute tidying items: Breath mints, brush, Tide To-Go stick and water.


  • Be friendly. This may sound obvious, but students frequently let their nerves affect first impressions and communication! Simply remember to smile, make comfortable eye contact with representatives, and shake hands before (and after) conversations.
  • Share. Let the conversation flow naturally, and tell an engaging story about your professional qualifications. You can accomplish this by implementing the STAR job interview technique, which covers the vital foundations of your career message.


  • Engage and listen attentively. This is an often forgotten lesson: people are more likely to remember your face if you show genuine interest. Take a quick mental note of the employers’ names and personal details. Ask about their experiences with the company. Toward the end of the conversation, thank the representative (NAME), say that you enjoyed learning about the employer’s experience (PERSONAL DETAIL), and share your intentions to stay in contact with the company.


The Spring 2017 Career Fair is in the Cintas Center from 2 – 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21. Take action with these six methods by scheduling an appointment with one of our career coaches through Hire-A-Muskie,  visiting the office during our walk-in hours or attending our career fair prep events. We’re here for you each step of your career exploration. Good luck with the upcoming job and internship search!


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